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Industrial gas leader uses new seamless tech to build stronger global bonds

Location: Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Industry: Energy & Utilities

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When Air Products built their new global HQ, they knew it was an investment in their future. Updating the technology in an existing facility is typically completed over time. This results in different technologies deployed at different times that deliver different user experiences. The new HQ was an opportunity to wipe the slate clean with a strategic technology rollout across the facility.

Air Products didn’t need technology that just worked. They needed reliable, consistent technology that extended beyond the limits of their walls to help their in-office and global teams feel energized, connected, informed, and productive.

But how do you know that your technology transformation will achieve the advanced goals you set? Design and build it so the technology fades away. Deliver the technology so seamlessly that it disappears, so productivity and connection can take center stage.

Air Products knew they needed a strong technology partner versed in design and seamless integration. They chose Diversified.

“You only get one chance to make a first impression. It was important to us that our employees had a positive experience when they used the technology.”

Brian Galovich
SVP and CIO, Air Products.

D Flair
Group 187


Diversified’s team understood the assignment: Air Products needed engaging and reliable communications technology that connected global headquarters employees with team members around the world.

“Part of our mission and our purpose in the new HQ was to create an environment where any user could be up and running in seconds.”

Brian Galovich,
SVP and CIO, Air Products.


Digital Signage Displays


Hundreds of new standardized meeting and huddle spaces were built throughout the office using the best technology solutions for their unique needs. Now, their people can walk into any meeting room and start the meeting on time–whether it’s with remote or in-person participants. The experience is frictionless. Getting started takes seconds, and the most collaborative and productive parts of their meetings begin without delay.


Adopt On-Site Technicians


Beyond meeting spaces, the halls and common areas are outfitted with more than 30 digital signage displays and video walls to keep employees connected to their mission and reinforce the Air Products brand with visitors. Air Products can also use their centrally managed IPTV solution to switch any display between broadcast TV and custom content for maximum control over their messaging and in office experience. 


of Rooms Monitored by Pulse


Remote and in-person audience engagement is central to their main conference center experience, encompassing an auditorium, boardroom, town hall space, and several divisible multipurpose rooms for events of any size. And to successfully reach the many diverse remote audiences, their new broadcast studio and control room deliver a powerful combination of conferencing, streaming and broadcasting that enables control, overflow and collaboration across all conference center systems.

Together, we made work easier. We transformed the vision Air Products had into a world class HQ where their employees effortlessly collaborate and engage from anywhere in the building and beyond.


The technology we delivered needed to work flawlessly on day-one and every day after from the get-go. But functionality over the long haul was just as important. If technology gets in the way on any day, productivity and employee morale can take a hit.

That’s why Air Products continues to work with us through a comprehensive managed services package. With three, full-time Diversified Adopt employees on site each day to support all the technology spaces, we ensure day-to-day operations experiences continue to run smoothly, and technology hiccups are resolved promptly, often immediately, through automation.

Paired with Diversified’s Pulse remote monitoring service that provides real-time updates on all system devices, the Adopt team ensures all technologies are operating at peak performance each day for maximum effectiveness

“The Adopt program is great. The people that we have integrated with our team have been fantastic — not just to answer questions but also to solve any issues proactively behind the scenes. They help us run some of our major webinars, video conferences and town halls.”

Brian Galovich,
SVP and CIO, Air Products.

"It's not just the reaction, but the proactivity in the collaboration with the Diversified team that's really made this a successful partnership.”

- Brian Galovich, SVP and CIO, Air Products.


The total impact of this transformation is one that will be felt for years to come. By building out a consistent and reliable suite of technology that delivers across a global landscape, we enabled stronger connections that facilitate more productive interactions.

From digital signage and broadcast production to seamless collaboration capabilities, each touchpoint serves a unique but vital function in the company’s overall engagement strategy—all working together to enhance the overall Air Products experience. 

“The new HQ gave us the foundation to extend this type of technology and enable collaboration worldwide. With the help of Diversified, we are replicating our headquarters technology, the way we use it, and the way we support it, across the globe.”

Brian Galovich,
SVP and CIO, Air Products.


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