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Creating unforgettable workplace and client experiences isn’t just a lofty goal—it’s entirely achievable with a solid strategy in place. We are taking over the AVIXA Xchange LIVE Stage at Infocomm to discuss topics that will advance your organization, like intelligent workplace innovation, getting real about technology-as-a-service procurement, how to run high quality workplace production using tools you already have, and elevating women in tech.   

Our strategic expertise on stage and on the show floor is your gateway to a wealth of resources, solutions and networking that is sure to elevate your workplace environment, and ensure seamless communication with your audience.   

Come see us and stay a while at the AVIXA Xchange LIVE stage on Wednesday, June 12th!

Global Enterprise Workplace Solutions


Greg Gresh
SVP, Sales

Global Enterprise Workplace Solutions


Tim Mannschreck
VP, Enterprise Sales

Immersive Experience & Digital Signage 


Joe Mahurin
VP, Sales

Managed Services


Scott Carmody
EVP, Project Operations and Services

Unified Communications


Derek Paquin
Vice President

Media Production


James Gulke
Account Executive

Media Production


Adam Lopez
Director, Sales

Intelligent Orchestration

Tom Carlisle_white-1

Tom Carlisle

Enhancing UX Through Intelligent Workplace Transformation

Wednesday, June 12th | 1:30 pm


AI and AV—simple letters driving complex change. Generative AI and AV tech are revolutionizing the modern workplace. But how? Intelligent buildings and spaces are evolving. AI is changing employee experience and collaboration and supercharging operational efficiency. Explore the advanced tools and strategies that are reshaping the future of work, including: 

  • Advanced meeting room technology 
  • Intelligent monitoring solutions 
  • Spatial computing 
  • AI-assisted virtual receptionists  
  • Generative signage 
  • Immersive virtually produced events  

It’s time we embrace the future. Put innovation to work for you and stay ahead in this digital and data-driven world. 

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Shattering the Myths of Technology-as-a-Service

Wednesday, June 12th | 2:15 pm 


Technology “as a Service.” It’s a buzz phrase we hear everywhere as organizations try to streamline their technology strategies. But what exactly does it mean? There is no consistent definition, which makes it easy to misuse and can cause confusion. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to provide a true “service” solution with on-premises hardware, no matter what it is. Join us as we debunk the myths and decode what “XaaS” really is so that you know how it aligns (or doesn’t) with your strategic business goals. 

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Enterprise Broadcasting with Teams: Microsoft’s Approach Unveiled

Wednesday, June 12th | 2:45 pm 


John Ball, Microsoft Production Studios, Chief Facilities Engineer

Marc Brown, Microsoft Production Studios, Director of Engineering

Are you already using Microsoft Teams to collaborate across your organization? Research suggests almost half of you are. Did you know that Microsoft Teams can also be used for high-quality broadcast productions reaching tens of thousands of live virtual attendees all over the world at one time?  When you need high-quality, professional productions, start with the technology you already have. And who better to learn from than Microsoft themselves? In this session, we’ll highlight the recent upgrade of Microsoft Production Studios and how they broadcast using Microsoft Teams on the regular.  Join us to get a glimpse behind the curtain! 

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Raise Her Up: Innovation Led by Women

Wednesday, June 12th | 3:30 pm




Heather Best, Senior Program Manager 

Erin Bigelow-Umar, Head of Production Operations & Strategy, Amazon Live
Anna Csontos, EVP, Chief of Staff & Chief Market Officer - QSC

Jamie Duemo, CTO - Media Innovation Labs

Women (and allies) at InfoComm unite! This isn’t just another tech talk or another conversation about equity and equality. It’s women in tech, talking tech!  We're taking a deep dive into the thought leadership, explosive growth, and cutting-edge advancements women bring to the tech table. Join us for a powerhouse panel of female trailblazers as we explore real-world examples of innovations shaping our world. From AI breakthroughs and predictive analytics to the wonders of experiential and immersive technologies, journey into the heart of tech's future.

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AI Game Plan for AV Integrators

Thursday, June 13th | 11 am - 12 pm

Location:  AI Experience Zone C10125

Speaker: Blaine Brown, Director of Machine Intelligence Innovation 

Moderated by Bill Fons, our panel features distinguished speakers Blaine Brown, Mark Coxon, and Bren Walker. Together, they will explore the creative potential of AI in integration work, offering real-world use cases and innovative tools. 

Designed for integrators seeking clarity on AI implementation, this session will showcase practical examples and pre-crafted prompts for hands-on learning. Whether you're new to AI or seeking to expand your skill set, join us to discover actionable strategies and unlock the power of AI in AV integration. 

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Project Management and Engineering: The Convergence  

Thursday, June 13th | 11 am - 12 pm

Location: ED106 |  W209/W210 

Genise Parker, Director Program Management 
Jason Jacoby, Project Manager

 Business and Project Management 

Over the last two years, we have presented the Project Management and Engineering series, addressing a wide range of issues that impact these two very important job functions. This year, we are on a journey of convergence (PM and Engineers in agreement??) emphasizing the importance of Resource Management. Effective resource management is key to project success and fosters individual growth, enabling individuals to thrive and avoid burn out. This session is filled with deliverables and take-aways for the audience in building communication pathways to ensure a better experience for the entire project team. Genise and Jason take you through real life examples of processes and documentation that can help anyone from project managers and engineers to leadership. Audience participation is encouraged! Let’s unite project managers and engineers for success!

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Remote Production Workflows within Corporate Infrastructure 

Thursday, June 13th | 4:00 - 5:00pm 

Location: ED88 | W211/W212 

Speaker: Adam Salkin, Senior Solutions Architect 

Category: Content Production and Streaming  

Gain insight into the fundamentals of remote integration model (REMI) production and learn how to construct one effectively. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be equipped to convincingly advocate for this concept to your corporate leadership. Our session provides you with the necessary tools and expertise to hit the ground running. Enhance your team's efficiency, reduce travel and equipment expenses, and master negotiation strategies with Corporate IT and Networking teams. Say goodbye to over-reliance on external costs and vendors. 

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Where Do I Put All These Devices? Effectively Mounting Gear Without a Rack

Tuesday, June 11th | 8:30 - 9:30am 

Location: ED52 | W219/W220


  • Brian Retzlaff, AV Expert Focused on IP - AV Companies Everywhere
  • Kalee Luke, Territory Sales Manager - Legrand | AV

Category: Design and Integration

Many complex AV systems are being accomplished with gear that doesn't live in a rack.  Effectively managing that gear has become an art form.   As more gear goes behind displays, in credenza, under cabinets, and stuck in lecterns it is important to have a basic understanding of how to more appropriately manage these installs.  This session will discuss the basics of thermal management, serviceability, cable management, and ADA compliance issues when mounting gear in non-standard locations.  When done with this session, the learner will have a better grasp of the kinds of materials that make mounting gear in strange places more successful.  The learner will also understand some of the pitfalls and concerns from not using a rack.  The learner will also benefit from real-life examples of how to appropriately plan for success when mounting gear in strange places.

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Network Filters, the Secret to Successful AVoIP Network Configurations

Tuesday, June 11th | 2:30 - 3:30pm 

Location: ED16 | W228


  • Brian Retzlaff, AV Expert Focused on IP - AV Companies Everywhere
  • Kalee Luke, Territory Sales Manager - Legrand | AV

Category: Enterprise IT

There is a well known but little understood feature in managed network switches which allows the network to make interesting and complex decisions about what traffic to pass and to block.  When used appropriately, network filters can help an AV professional deploy complex networks with simpler hardware and more robust long-term operation. 

This session will demystify these seemingly complex ideas and help attendees understand how, when, and why to use network filters. The session will differentiate between egress and ingress filters while helping determine what the equipment supports. The learners will be able to use tools to configure multicast and unicast filters to permit or block traffic. When leaving this session the learner will feel confident with how to configure filters, when to use filters, and why filters can help simplify complex hardware configurations.

This session is approved for 1 ANP RU credit.

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