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April 14 - 17 | Las Vegas

Join Us | Connect Zone | W3943 

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The Evolution of Intelligent Orchestration

Step into the future of media and broadcasting with Intelligent Orchestration by Diversified at the NAB Connect Zone, where the next generation of breakthrough technologies enables a leap from traditional, fixed facilities to agile and adaptable content centers. This transformative shift is not just about moving to the cloud; it's about redefining the entire ecosystem to be more dynamic, responsive, and innovative.

Connect With Our Experts

Booth W3943C

Steve Stubelt

Steve Stubelt
SVP, Media Sales

Jared Timmins-1

Jared Timmins
SVP, Media Innovation

Rich Zabel

Rich Zabel
Director, Media Supply Chain

Sam Craig

Sam Craig
Vice President, Consulting


Glen Huszar
Principal Consultant

LDRSP_Jason Kornweiss, VP Strategic Solutions

Jason Korweiss
SVP, Consulting

Dave Simon

Dave Simon
Principal Consultant

Graham Geisenheimer

Graham Geisenheimer
Principal Consultant


Damon Roach
Senior Account Executive - Federal

Tom Carlisle_white

Tom Carlisle
Director, Cloud Innovation

Jonah Israel_white

Jonah Israel
Design Engineer

Daeton Harris

Daeton Harris
Engineer, Cloud 

Dustin Provorse 1 (2)

Dustin Provorse 
Architect, DevOps Innovation 

Eric Bashore

Eric Bashore
Architect, Cloud Innovation

Steve Southern

Steve Southern
Director, Innovation Development

What to Expect

  • Inspire Your Strategy
    Explore new strategies to scale and thrive in decentralized media ecosystems, aiming to expand your total addressable market.
  • Forge Strategic Relationships
    Engage with a passionate community of like-minded individuals, share ideas, and explore collaborative opportunities that will shape the future of media orchestration. 
  • Experience Innovation in Action
    Step into a dynamic environment with innovative leaders and be among the first to experience emerging trends and technologies that are reshaping media production and distribution. 
NAB_What to Exprect

The Smart Approach to Intelligent Orchestration

NAB Webinar

Catch up with Diversified experts in this on-demand webinar to get a preview of the latest trends and topics before you go. In just 30 minutes, you will:

  • Understand the market shift toward decentralized production environments
  • Explore the necessary functionality, flexibility and security in these environments
  • Identify the top 3 things to focus on when developing your approach to intelligent orchestration
  • Learn how Diversified can enable a successful intelligent orchestration transformation.

Want to connect with Diversified at the 2024 NAB Show to further explore the latest innovations impacting the industry? Find us in the the West Hall Connect Zone, booth W3943, to learn more.

Forge the Future: Connections Over Cocktails

Sunday, April 14th | 4:40 – 6:00 pm 
Connect Zone Theater | W3943A
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15-Minute Presentation | 45-Minute Happy Hour + Idea Exchange

Presenters: Steve Stubelt, VP of Media | Jared Timmins, VP of Innovation

The media landscape is on the brink of a seismic shift, with traditional paradigms eroding in the face of a new epoch of digital innovation and audience engagement. As we traverse towards a future where technology reshapes our workflows and strategies, the need for creative collaboration and adaptive thinking has never been more critical. 

This event is your gateway to becoming an active participant in shaping the future of media. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in cutting-edge discussions, glean insights from trailblazers who are redefining industry standards, and connect with peers who are equally passionate about navigating these transformative times. 

After our focused 15-minute presentation, the floor will open for happy hour and lively exchange of ideas. Whether you're seeking fresh perspectives, innovative strategies, or simply the camaraderie of like-minded professionals, this is a chance to expand your professional network, gain fresh perspectives, and discover innovative approaches that can propel your projects and career forward. 

Modernizing Decentralized Production   

Monday, April 15th | 2:00 – 2:30 pm 
Tech Chat Theater | W3943D
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Unveiling a pioneering solution that unifies user, service, and cost management of production environments regardless of where the infrastructure is running.

Presenters: Tom Carlisle, Director, Cloud Innovation | Steve Southern, Director, Innovation Development | Dustin Provorse, Architect, DevOps Innovation

Migrating your media production into decentralized infrastructure expands capabilities, but it also introduces new complexities and concerns when designing your production environment. Building a complex multi-vendor media production that includes the functionality and security you need combined with the automation that you want can feel like scaling a volcano.  

At Diversified, our business has evolved with the needs of our clients and the future of their markets. This evolution enables them to seize every opportunity to connect with fans, viewers and customers while expanding their total addressable market through best-in-class advisory services and technology solutions. We help clients understand, optimize and transition to decentralized infrastructures, traditionally known as “cloud”, enabling them to get to market quicker and expedite monetization.  

And it’s not just about the ability to efficiently deploy services. Imagine being able to efficiently manage your entire production environment from a single pane of glass. At NAB, we're going to unveil a pioneering solution that unifies user, service, and cost management of production environments regardless of where the infrastructure is running. Join us if you’re ready to free yourself from the constraints of the past and be among the first to preview our groundbreaking new solution.

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